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The above article is an update.  Her mother went to appeal to keep her out of the psychiatric ward and lost.  She will be institutionalized because of her expression of her gender.  She will be held until she conforms to male gender and then released to foster care, not her mother who was supporting her.

Please, if you haven’t signed the petition, sign it, reblog it, ask your friends to sign it. We’ve managed to get 40K signatures for a pageant model, we’ve only gotten 11K for a little girl about to have her life ruined.  Lets get on the ball and spread the word.

Sign It.

I literally just repeated the f-word until I ran out of breath.

Let me catch my breath. I may go on a cursing spree again as soon as I get it back.

Seriously people…


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    I have lost my faith in humanity for the fifth time this week…
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    Not even two years* (I just turned 13)
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    I wish these kinda things were dated to know if it was ongoing or not
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    yea I don’t know :\ it sucks when posts go around but then you don’t know what happened?
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    this post was march 2012 whats happenin in this kids life now tho, like whats the actual update
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